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Gilbert Sosa is a Mexican-American internet personality, actor, filmmaker, and Youtuber from Houston, Texas. He began his career in Los Angeles in the summer of 2016, one week after graduating high school.

That summer of 2016, he became the content producer of the first-ever social media content creator house “Team 10” led by Jake Paul.

In 2017, Sosa teamed up with Mexican internet personality Juanpa Zurita as his official content producer. They traveled throughout Latin America creating content, and months later Sosa found himself living in Mexico City full time.

While in Mexico, Sosa rose to online fame by joining the Youtube channel "Dosogas" as a co-founder in the first-ever Latin American content creator house. The popularity of this project led Sosa and co-founders to tour across Latin America, to entirely sold-out shows. The channel reached nearly 6M subscribers and eventually surpassed 1B views.

Shifting tracks in 2019, Sosa directed his first short film"First Timers", which was executive produced by Riveting Entertainment. Months later he produced & directed his first foreign film "La Sangrienta Navidad" shot in Mexico City. Both short films were released within weeks of each other, with his foreign short holding a packed premiere event in Mexico on Christmas day.


To date, both shorts have accumulated a combined 8+ million views on YouTube.

Gilbert Sosa is currently based between Houston, Texas, and Los Angeles, CA. He will continue to grow as an actor, filmmaker, and all-around storyteller, proving that he will be a name to watch out for in the years to come.


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